Melianthos Nikolaou

Melianthos Nikolaou


Melianthos Nikolaou

Production: Pruning of vines in February and harvest at the end of August.

Vinification: The grapes intended for this wine are picked by hand once they reach the desired level of phenolic and alcoholic maturity. They are cooled at 4oC and go through cryoextraction at 8oC for 8 hours. Using only the free-run, they are put through the alcoholic fermentation process, which takes place in stainless controlled temperature vats at a temperature of 18oC in order to bring out the entire bouquet of the variety. In keeping with the principles of organic farming, we only add the bare minimum necessary quantity of Sulphur dioxide.

Organoleptic characteristics: Gold highlights, magnificent aroma and silky low-acidic taste, with a sweet fresh fruit bouquet of peach, apricot and citrus fruits.

Serving: At a temperature of 12oC.

Food combination: Light meals and fishes.

Alcoholic strength: 12,5oC.